Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finished hand!


  1. OK .. . i'm going to see if i can log on here .. .!

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYEEEEEEEEE WHOW! wahzieeeee .. .. i can log on today ... . *dances with a bag of croissants between my teeth and hair in bun* .. . i just cannot figure out why some days i can log to the blog and other days they won't let me .. .. . grrrrrrrrr beyond!

    Anyway .. .. ... ur finished hand is just beyond all words .. .. it's so real i thought it was going to jump out and grab my hand on the keyboard .. .. !

    You. Are. Amazing. nuf said.

    Hey, also i left u a message on ur phone about baby bubu that you did .. .. . . my geeeeeeeeeeahd .. .. it is so adorable with her leo dark hair and earring ... i can't take it!. .. ..whaaaaaaaaaaaa :O

    today i felt slightly strange all day .. . woke up with an inflatee baloonie stomach and weird backache ... . but now i'm feeling so much better .. .. :DDDD

    I LOVE U MUH WAAAAAAAAHZ and have a phun night .. . .!

    I'll call u tomorrow muh little punk one.