Thursday, April 2, 2009

Liz Baillie!!

Ahh....I was just browsing her website and had a little moment! Everyone go check it out! My brain hurts!!! Remember when we got to meet her in Rockville, 'leo m??


  1. YESSSSSSSSSS WAHZ .. . . I remember this kick ass girl soooooo much .. . . .. I remember you got some comics from her called My Brain Hurts .. . .. . also remember the girl standing beside her with the blonde mohawk?!!!!!! .. . . . they are so awesome!!!!!!
    p.s. sorry for the delay in convo back .. . . . sometimes I get stuck on Facebook too much .. . . . !(* ; *)!

  2. .. .. . . for the love of heeeeeeeesuus ... . i'm back to being logged in as one again .. .. . . ?( > o<)?

  3. Wasssss up ONE....ha ha ha! What happened Little M? hoo.....he he he!

    I can't wait till you visit! Yo Bu Bu how you be? Yay can't wait to see you too!!!!

  4. HAAAAAAAAAAAAY ANNA .. .. . i will never understand this .. . . sometimes i log in as ONE and sometimes as little m .. .
    ?( * ;*)? .. . .. how are you Annabana cutie? .. . . i saw all the pics of your birthdae and it looked liked such an AWESOME time .. . . phun times to be continued when Bu and i come to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HUGZ TO THE MAX!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh Little M it was a blast!!! The Best B-day ever!!!! I am sooooo excited to see You and Bu! Woo woo!!!! I took some days off so I will be able to hang out with you guys! We are going to have so much FUN!!!

    I am doing well Little M thanks for asking!!! How are you doing ONE???? I wonder why it keeps doing that? Ha ha that is pretty funny! Well I am going to go eat some more jelly beans....and pretend to do some work!

    Talk to ya soon! Hope all is well and you are having a wonderful day!!! That goes for all ya'll!!!!