Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blog #2

Holla everyone! Everyone as in Bu and Anna...dahahaha... When I get home more things shall be added...I promise! I am still at school animating a blue ball with a racoon tail on stick legs. I did not design this...nor was it my idea. I am swamped with work this quarter...swamped!! But it is good because that means I will be graduating soon...kind of. lol But yes, Anna your bobble head will be completed that I wrote that on the blog I have to do it!! hehehe Ok now it's time for you guys to write me comments!!



  1. Hola Sexy Chica,

    Yeah so you are going to have sooooo many comments today. You are all snuggly and warm sleeping in my bed. I on the other hand am awake and in reality zone at work. Blah...poopie ca ca!!!! Ha ha....Ahhhhh I wish I could fast forward time to 2pm. It is ok I have a monster drink today! Loca Moca is the s**t!!!!!!! Yay one of the like 15 comments I plan to type today! Ha ha wouldn't it be funny if all I did today was type and post comments. You would have a million of them! Well I am going to go for now. Don't get up....stay asleep......get as much as you can......for the both of us......ahhhhhhhh! Ha ha ha!!!

  2. Hi Bu Bu!!!

    How are you? You need to come back and visit!!!! I can't wait to hang with you again! I had so much fun! I am bored at work and sleep deprived. Oh and I can't spell for crap today. I figured you would be logging on soon and could keep me company since your sister is lucky and gets to sleep in today! Oh when you come back we need to go to Rocky Horror!!!! Your sis and I went last night and had such a good time! It was fun!!!! Hope you are having a good day! I'll be here till 2 today....BLAH! HA ha hope all is well take care!

    Anna Banana Sleepy Pants

  3. Has anyone ever listened to my morning jacket....ok never mind Sexy Pants...I asked you yesterday. Any way I have been jamming out to them and I must say they are pretty damn good. Check out Electric Feel!!!! My fav. I am bored but I am trying to look on the bright side. It is almost 9am so that means I only have 4hrs and 45min!!! Woo woo yay!!!!! I am excited for L Word today!!!!!

  4. Wow the times on this thing are jacked up!!!

  5. Hey Anna!! Awww, I miss you too! I totally wanna come back and visit.. maybe for my Spring Break...!! LOL, how was Rocky Horror?? Did Blaire tell you about my traumatic experience going to see it in Boston, haha!

    Don't fall asleep at work! *throws u a russian monster!*

  6. Ha ha she told me everything!!! Oh I had a blast!!!!! Once I got your sister out of the house we had fun. I gave her no choice...she was so tired poor thing. I had never been so I was excited! I dressed up as Eddie.....YAY! Woo woo you need to come soon!!!! How is your day going so far? Any thing exciting going on? THANKS for the monster!!! I will be outta here in....oh let's see...about an hour and a half!!!!!I am so excited!!! Have you been keeping up with the L Word? Yay have a nice day and I will talk to you soon!!!! Ha ha I thought I should tell you this, I thought it was funny. When I was reading what you wrote...about the monster...I read to my self mussian ronster!!!!!!I am soooo cracked out right now and apparently I am also dyslexic!!!He he if that is even how you spell that. Any way hope you have a great day! TAKE CARE!!!

    Anna Banana

  7. P.S.

    Ok, sorry Anna needs to lay off the coffee for a bit. It sounds like I am on crack...that or like a little kid!!!!!!!!!!!! I should really read what I write before I send it! HA

  8. Wooooooooohooooooooo I am almost outta here! I am going now for real!!! I gotta write my logs and then wait for my relief! Talk to you soon BU! See ya soon Ms. Blaire!!! Have a Great day all!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anna Banana Out Of Work Pants!!!!!

  9. MUSSIAN RONSTER! MUSSIAN RONSTER!! lol! I love you Anna!

  10. LOL Anna is blowing up the blog...I fucking love it!! Mussian Ronster! That is the best...I am at school doing LAME stuff...Burlesque show tonight in Andersonville though! YAYE!!

    Yes, Bu's traumatic Rocky Horror experience was indeed....traumatic. "Get me the FUCK outta here!!"

    *hugs to you guys*