Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Two entreeeees in one day because I am awesome. :D I registered for my classes for next quarter! I'm taking Acting for Animators (no!!!), Materials and Lighting, and Global Thinking. I wasn't able to get 4 classes! Damn! Also, on a sad note....I won't be graduating as soon as I thought :( Some classes aren't available every quarter which sucks :( So I probably won't be completely done until next Winter or Spring....*sigh* 

Ok, time to go get coffee.....yes, I decided I need coffee! haha

ps- We need more people to join this thing! Spread the word like wild fire!!


  1. your face is lame!!!! ha ha ha!!!!!!! don't be discouraged ms sexy! you will do it, at least now you don't have to rush it. you are on the right track and you will be done sooner than you think! stay confident and keep up the good work! you are amazing!!!!!! =)

  2. Hi LOVER CINDY!!!!! HI BU BU, WAHZIE, And LITTLE M!!!!!!!!! How is everyone today?

  3. HEY ALL U GUYZ . . .. .. . . YAAAAAAAAYE! whoot ... whoop .. .. whoo .. .. I was able to log to yo blog as ONE .. .. hey, whatever works .. .. . . maybe they think .. . she has to be the ONE and only little m .. .. . hee .. .. hee ... .
    I'm goin' with Taylor over to Tara Thai .. .. about to stuff as many spring rolls as I can fit in my mouth .. .. .
    //(o * ;*o)\\ .. .. .. . LOL!
    Have a PHUN nite!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. promise I won't choke on the white rice!

  4. Hey little m.....hope you have a great night as well! It's good that you can log on now. Please don't choke on the rice. Enjoy!