Sunday, February 8, 2009

The only thing I knew how to do was to keep on keepin on

Listening to Bob Dylan.

Just woke up from a nap and chugged a mean bean to wake up.

Had WEIRD dreams.

Procrastinating from folding clothes and doing dishes.

Hense blogging.

Going to see L Word tonight at Trish's.

I almost wrote "Trishes"

That would have been funny.

Most of the time I'm clear focused all the time.

I need to get rid of a lot of "things."

Since everyone is doing that 25 random things about me on facebook I'm gonna make one on here...

1) I get excited about deoderant and put it on like 3-5 times a day.

2) I can never imagine not wearing boots all the time.

3) I keep trying to grow my hair out but can't seem to commit.

4) My favorite time of day is dusk.

5) I despise the hour of 1pm.

6) With a passion.

7) I have stranage obsessions with

8) Kim Deal

9) Patti Smith

10) Bob Dylan

11) Sketchbooks

12) Collecting paint sharpies but not using them

13) I hate computers

14) They are one of the monst frustrating things ever

15) Bleep and McWill's new bike should convert into an airplane so they can fly to Chicago and hang out with us....their runway could be the Potomac Giant parking lot...


17) It's rare that I find pants I like

18) I am going to paint my living room all crazy like as soon as I get the chance

19) It will require the help and bitchin' skills of Anna

20) I want to go run cause I'm wearing cool adidas pants that I got today that have Perrywinkle stripes on them....but I don't have enough time

21) I need to learn how to manage my time better.

22) I spend a lot of time doing nothing.

23) I accidently almost deleted this entry...

24) I almost threw computer

25) Bu, my computer is filled with viruses :(

Ok, you guys need to make a 25 things list now!!! I gotta get to folding clothes..

*hugs and hugs and hugs*


  1. Wahzie ... . I love your list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It rules.
    It is incredibly you. *heart*
    I'm going to make a list and post it here .... soon ... i kinda hafta to get my shit organized for the burgh tonite.

    hug, hug ,hug cutie!

    p.s. i love how the Potomac Giant can be the runway for mcwill & bleep's bikeplane .. . it has a slant ready for takeoff!

  2. Awww, I'll save your computer Zill!! Some of these things on the list broke my bobble heart in half (i.e. I spend a lot of my time doing nothing) *TEARS*

    Kan eye visit yoo over spring brayke?

  3. Will you bring my computer back to lfye??? It's actually doing much better now...weird. No!! I don't want to break your heart...I was in a weird mood when I write the list. Had just woke up from a nap in the middle of the day and felt grogggggggeee...LOL OMG YOU BETTA VISIT ME OVER SPRING BREAK!!!!

  4. My computer is being stupid now. So when are we going to paint????? I would be happy to help...that is going to be soooo cool!!! I am excited! Don't worry when it is cold out it is easy to spend a lot of time doing nothing. Have no fear I have got something up my sleeve. We are going to have a blast once it gets nice out!!!!!!!!! He he I had fun last night!!!! I hope you enjoyed your dinner!!! I am going to work on the list!!!!!

  5. Ok 25 random things about me!!!!!

    1 I also can never find pants I like, that is the worst!

    2 I don't like to work when it is a nice day

    3 I am a pack rat from hell...ok it is not too bad I am obsessed with trinkets is all!

    4 I am in love with frogs and monkeys....ha ha and ducks. Wahzill has an amazing rubber ducky collection!!! As you know....

    5 I am a coffee freak...monsters as well

    6 I too need to learn how to manage my time....especially on my days off. It will be better when the cold is done!

    7 I am an outdoor freak...I love being outside weather permitting.

    8 I like to draw....need to do more of it

    9 I like mooooooooovies

    10 I am usually always happy!!!!!!

    11 I still have stuffed animals

    12 I like being crazy, random, goofy!

    13 Laughing is one of my favorite things to do!

    14 Vomiting is my least favorite thing to do...I avoid...try to avoid it. Sometimes you can't.

    15 I am excited that my girlfriend is fun and me!!!! Ha ha C.S.H....ha ha

    16 I'm a crime stopper

    17 I like pizza.......

    18 I'm a spaz and a half

    19 I don't like to wake up......or fall asleep

    20 My favorite time of day is when I am leaving're free cheesy bread your free!!!! Go, go...

    21 I like jewelery.....fake or real...I have a collection of that as well

    22 I like to tell jokes....and Ms Zill likes to hear much so that I have run out

    23 I am running out of things to type....

    24 I have fun pretty much every where I go with whom ever I go with ......

    25 Sometimes people come up to me and tell me I look like...............


    HA ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!

  7. I wonder why the times on this are so jacked up? It is 1:40 not 11:40. CRAZEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Ha ha good night all I think I am going to try again. I am starting to think I have insomnia!!!! He he you know what they say (and by they I have no idea who they are) the freaks come out at night!!! Ha ha talk to you soon. I will think up another I spy tomorrow!

  8. Don't let the clowns eat you my little insomniac!!!

  9. I survived the clowns!!!!! Work on the other hand is a different story!!! Ha ha ha hope you are having a great second half of school!!!! I can't wait to see you!!!!!! Yay, woop woop!!!!!